Heroes Among Us

Each semester Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure elective is offered, students interview three working arts entrepreneurs in their respective communities. These interviews are then posted on this blog.

Heroes Among Us offers an opportunity for students to interview and attempt to identify patterns of the mythic structure of the journey of the hero in the stories of arts entrepreneurs. Do arts entrepreneurs go through similar trials and tribulations as the heroes of all time? Do they encounter moments of despair, such as found in the stage of the “Belly of the Beast” and are there lessons in the arts entrepreneurs’ journeys that demand transformation, that demand change of the entrepreneur and the environment they create? Is there a parallel between the hero journey, such as is found in the works of Joseph Campbell, and the process of arts entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in general? These are questions that are explored in this class and are discovered through this process.

At Meadows School of the Arts, we believe that heroism can be a choice and that the path towards heroism can be taught. Heroes Among Us also serves to recognize, honor and study those heroes in our communities.

To find posts from previous semesters, search “heroes” in the search bar of this blog.

Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship program

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