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Interview with Cathy Chamberlain

Cathy Chamberlain is the owner and artistic director of Chamberlain School of Ballet in Plano, TX. What inspired you to open your own dance studio? Cathy: What inspired me was, I was teaching at the school where I trained as … Continue reading

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This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class

This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class. How does a class of interdisciplinary students utilize a mythical structure to better understand themselves and the life of an Entrepreneur? Through studying and applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey Model to that of the … Continue reading

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The Myth of Scarcity

Check out this enlightening interview with arts entrepreneur Aaron Day on “The Myth of Scarcity.” To listen to the audio file, click Play below. Interview conducted by Jim Hart      

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Tips Before Launching an Arts Venture

The following are some tips to consider before launching an arts venture. If you could create anything, regardless of financial cost, what would you create? It can be as large as you can dream. It can be a stadium opening, starring … Continue reading

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Interview: Martha Higgins, Arts Entrepreneur

Interview with Martha Higgins, Arts Entrepreneur Business: Hand Painted Glassware Samantha Schell: Your business seems to be doing really well. Tell me more about the company. Martha Higgins: Well, a couple years back I started painting wine glasses, decanters, and … Continue reading

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Video Interview with Frank Mosley, Artistic Entrepreneur

Check out this video interview with Frank Mosley, Artistic Entrepreneur.

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Interview: Jane Pope, Arts Entrepreneur

Jane Pope, Painter Business: Painter Samantha Schell: How did you get into painting as a profession? Jane Pope: I was relatively successful with my paintings when I was younger. I submitted my art to galleries in college for some side … Continue reading

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