Introducing the Meadows Artist Bridge

Introducing the Meadows Artist BridgeThe Meadows Artist Bridge

The Meadows Artist Bridge serves as a bridge between those who want to hire Meadows student artists/creatives and those student artists/creatives who want to work. Check out our student artists/creatives who have chosen to present themselves entrepreneurially, while still in school. The current department represented is Music, but there will be more departments represented in the near future.

The Meadows Artist Bridge is a new project developed through the department of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship–working together with other departments in Meadows School of the Arts at SMU.


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Majoring in Music Press

The site has a feature article titled, “Entrepreneurship Training for Music Majors”. In this article, a number of our artist entrepreneur students and their ventures are mentioned, as is our FACE class at Meadows and Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship.

Check it out!

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FAQ for the Meadows Artist Bridge

The following post outlines Frequently Asked Questions about the

Meadows Artist Bridge

Do I have to be an “artist” to participate? No. Meadows School of the Arts is developing this project and platform. As a result, the name chosen for the project reflects the name of the college in which it resides (Meadows School of the Arts). Many Meadows students do not think of themselves as artists, necessarily, but as creative individuals or “creatives”. This project is a work in progress and the department that piloted the program is the Department of Music, thus their students’ exclusive profiles on the site at present. However, in the near future, several other departments will be represented through the Meadows Artist Bridge. It is hoped that, in time, the Meadows Artist Bridge will become a go-to source for creative talents of many mediums and represented professions.

What if I don’t want to accept work that I am approached with? No student is required to participate and no student must take every offer they are presented with.

How do I apply for the Meadows Artist Bridge? You can do so through a form site that will be distributed to your respective department, following Chair approval. 

What if I don’t major in the category I would like to apply for? This is OK. You can apply for whatever category you believe you qualify for, provided that you list your Major and current year of study (ex. Journalism, Junior).

Where can I find the rubric for applying for the Meadows Artist Bridge? Each department’s rubric will be different and based on the department’s structure, students’ skill sets and educational offerings. 

Why is the Gig List now called “Meadows Artist Bridge?” What was previously
known as the Gig List has been renamed and re-branded as “Meadows Artist Bridge”. This is because the new website created to introduce student creatives and artists to the professional community The Meadows Artist Bridgeserves as a bridge between those who seek to hire Meadows students and those artists and creatives who wish to work, while still in school. Those who seek to hire Meadows students Continue reading

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Forbes Names SMU One of the Most Entrepreneurial Universities

In this article put out by Forbes, Southern Methodist University is ranked as the 14th most entrepreneurial university in America, just three spots behind Yale.

Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU is cited in the article. The report says, “An arts-entrepreneurship program is geared toward increasing the chances of making a living in the arts.”

This from Director of Arts Entrepreneurship, Jim Hart: “This honor stems from a team effort. We have a remarkable team–not only in our Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship department but remarkable colleagues and collaborators throughout SMU’s many colleges. Southern Methodist University (and Meadows School of the Arts) understands the value of entrepreneurship and Continue reading

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Danielle Deraleau Photography

Since the time of this interview, Danielle Deraleau has become a finalist in the “Sprint Alice6Photography Competition” put on by Photographer’s Forum Magazine. They received over 10,000 entries from 69 different countries, and chose the top 16% as finalists. Danielle’s photo will be published in the coffee table book “Best of Photography 2015”, which will come out this December.

Sometimes people have a special moment where they discover a passion for something.
They pick up a paintbrush, play a Continue reading

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Tips on How to Start a Movement

At Meadows School of the Arts, we encourage our students to “Start a Movement.” This is not just an inspirational slogan, but also a meaningful challenge. This post explores How to Start a Movement.

Pic from Derek Sivers "How to Start a Movement" TED talk

Pic from Derek Sivers “How to Start a Movement” TED talk

Students are taught how to start a movement in the Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship class titled Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure (AMAE 3370). In this class, students learn how to serve as the “heroes of their own lives,” a thought made popular by the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell, who developed the concept of the Monomyth. But what does this mean, to serve as a hero? Heroism is all about service. It typically involves sacrificing one’s own personal interest (or potential for one’s own gain) in the service of something larger than just oneself. This service might be towards a person, customer, audience, a people, community, an idea, a meaning or a combination of such things. Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurial Happenings at SMU Meadows

Check out what some of our students in the department of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship are running and developing, here at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts.

Angie Reisch and The Catalyst Art Movement Catalyst Arts Movement

The Catalyst Arts Movement is changing the way the diverse population of Dallas connects and thrives through the power of public art – one mural at a time. Catalyst art movement has a team of three women, representing three universities. Angie Reisch is one of these co-leaders of Catalyst and will be a sophomore this coming academic year. Catalyst has already started making a difference locally through their “Coffee and Creativity” program at the downtown J. Erik Jonsson Central library. The program, which was implemented in March 2014 in partnership with the library’s existing Homeless Engagement Initiative, caters to the library’s homeless customers. “Coffee and Creativity” is aimed at opening up dialogue between library staff, patrons of the library, and the homeless population by using open art classes as a common platform for the diverse groups to connect on. In Summer 2015, Catalyst will be partnering with the creative innovators at Big Thought for the second annual Dallas City of Learning to create conversation among youth all over the city of Dallas and create murals based on what kids think makes Dallas theirs. This is really what Catalyst is all about, says Reisch: “creating social change and connecting people, one project and one voice at a time.”

Sarah Israel and Bridge the GapSarah Israel

Sarah Israel is the President of Bridge the Gap Chamber Players, a nonprofit formed out of Meadows in 2011. Bridge the Gap is Continue reading

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