Kali Ruppert, Interviewing Creatives: Young, Greene, Petersen

Kali Ruppert, SMU student and creative, speaks with three creative entrepreneurs about what they do.

Interview Analysis by Kali Ruppert:

In interviewing Aaron Young, Vince Greene, and Charlene Petersen, three distinct answers arose. Rather than the three of them converging, they each had a different opinion and they each started their businesses differently. Although this could be attributed to varying personalities, a part of it has to do with their artistic fields: art dealing, architecture and interior design. Each field has different necessities in generating revenue, and as a consequence of this, each field tends to attract different personality types. In terms of Continue reading

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Danielle Deraleau Speaks with Entrepreneurs

In this series, Danielle Deraleau, student of Meadows School of the Arts at SMU, photographer and musician, speaks with three creative entrepreneurs. This series is part of an assignment with the program for Arts Entrepreneurship

Claire Anderson of “Clara Bella Photography”

Did you have a business plan when you started?

I had started several businesses before I decided on this business. At some point I had a business plan, but I didn’t have a specific one, but I had a very clear direction that I wanted to go with photographing high school senior girls.

Do you think business plans are necessary in entrepreneurship?

I do, especially when you’re first starting a business. It’s really important to write it down. I think once Continue reading

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TEDx: Teaching Arts Entrepreneurship via Games

Watch Jim Hart, Director of SMU Meadows’ Arts Entrepreneurship program, give a TEDxSMU talk on teaching arts entrepreneurship through games. Jim Hart TEDx SMU Here is a link to that TEDx speech.


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SMU’s Becca Rothstein Interviews Creative Entrepreneurs

The following analysis and interviews were conducted by Becca Rothstein, Meadows School of the Arts and SMU student. 

Interview Analysis

I conducted three interviews, two with theatre company founding members, and one with the founder of a farmer’s market organization. All three organizations were in different stages of their endeavor: The House Theatre of Chicago was founded in 2001, and continues to be a successful non-profit theatre there, Good Local Markets is going into its seventh season of operation, however has only recently incorporated to become a formal non-profit organization, and Prism Co., an LLC, is a fledgling theatre company on the eve of Continue reading

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Trevor Meagher Meditates on and Interviews Arts Entrepreneurs

In this post, SMU and Meadows student Trevor Meagher interviews three creative entrepreneurs and reflects on his findings. 

Interview Analysis/Reflection

Through my interviews with three successful musicians and “businesses of one”, I gained significant insight into each of their perspectives on “what it takes” to not only survive, but thrive in the current arts entrepreneurship environment. Though it was Continue reading

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SMU’s Cheyenne Tilford Interviews 3 Creatives

Daniel Yanez 

Daniel Yanez is the founder of The Basement Gallery located in Dallas, Texas. It is an underground gallery that features art and visual entertainment from local artists. They offer studio space for six artists who’s work Continue reading

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Chris Sendejas Chats with 3 Creatives

Analysis and interviews by SMU student, Chris Sendejas

I found my interviewees to be very helpful in developing my perspective of being a creative entrepreneur. Even with their own unique stories, the creative process of entrepreneurship seems pretty standard yet versatile for all types of art ventures. What I found most exciting about the creative process is that you have full control of your idea and where you want it to go. That is, until you release your product to the market. All three of my interviewees Continue reading

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