Interview with Stephanie Taylor Jackson

Tell me about yourself and your business

My name is Stephanie Taylor Jackson.  I am 26 years old. I work full-time and I am an MBA student at Texas Tech University.  I am married to Jason Jackson and mom to Jason, Jr. (4) and Gavin Jackson (3).

Chloe & Tatum is an online, designer children’s clothing boutique that I run out of my home with the help of my husband and sister! I launched the business in September 2013 after several years of going back and forth trying to muster up the courage to jump in and just do it! I always knew that I Continue reading

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Interview with Jennifer Fermaint

Jennifer and her husband, Daniel Fermaint, own Fermaint Photography, a photography portrait studio in Plano, Texas. 

What inspired you to start your photography business?

Jennifer: Honestly, our business started because we found that we were really great at something we loved doing, and Daniel plans to leave Corporate America once we are debt free (house included). What inspires us to keep it going is Continue reading

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Interview with Ed Bernet

Ed Bernet opened and owned one of the most successful entertainment clubs in Dallas during the 1960‘s, the Levee, as well as the area’s most popular recording studio, Sumet-Bernet Sound Studios. He has been a founding member of several dixie-land jazz bands, and still plays today with the Levee Singers. He also runs an entertainment booking agency.

What method have you found most useful in planning out your many business endeavors? Do you think a business plan plays an important role in starting an arts venture?  

Ed: Yes, I DO believe a business plan is a necessity for any business venture, especially in Continue reading

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Interview with Cathy Chamberlain

Cathy Chamberlain is the owner and artistic director of Chamberlain School of Ballet in Plano, TX.

What inspired you to open your own dance studio?

Cathy: What inspired me was, I was teaching at the school where I trained as a child and going from being a student into more of a faculty member and observing how they would instruct us on how to instruct and interact with particular children. I honestly felt it was a very unhealthy environment. If they didn’t think someone was going to Continue reading

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This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class

This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class. How does a class of interdisciplinary

Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure

Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure

students utilize a mythical structure to better understand themselves and the life of an Entrepreneur?

Through studying and applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey Model to that of the Entrepreneur’s process, we are able to Continue reading

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The Myth of Scarcity

Check out this enlightening interview with arts entrepreneur Aaron Day on “The Myth of Scarcity.”Aaron Day

To listen to the audio file, click Play below.

Interview conducted by Jim Hart




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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

Do you believe that entrepreneurship can be taught or does it stem from personality?

What do you think?

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