New Audiences, Memorization and Funding: Gerald Klickstein

Nov. 14, 2016, 12-4pm

Workshops by Gerald Klickstein, SMU, Meadows School, O’Donnell Hall gerald-klickstein1200x800


Grant Writing Strategies that Succeed

Organizations worldwide offer funding for artists to develop and present their work, yet many artists lack effective strategies to access such grant programs. This session provides artists and arts faculty with essential know-how to discover funders, design fundable projects, construct budgets, and author winning grant proposals. A concise grant-writing guide and sample budget will be provided.


Creating (Arts) Events that Attract New Audiences

As attendance dwindles at many established arts institutions, it’s crucial that aspiring arts professionals learn to attract new audiences. In this workshop, Gerald Klickstein presents a practical framework to inspire and design arts presentations that appeal to diverse people. We’ll uncover avenues to make our work relevant to contemporary audiences and to stand out from other artists in our genres. Participants view notable programs developed by emerging artists, draft programing ideas of their own and receive feedback on the spot. Continue reading

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Observations from the Cottonwood Art Festival:

This post is written in two sections: Observations and Thoughts.cottonwood art festival


This weekend, I spent time with some remarkable artists, speaking with twenty-six—representing an array of mediums, but primarily painters. Most of the artists make the bulk of their money (art sales) by attending, and selling through, juried art festivals around the country. In addition to absorbing some of the illuminating and inspiring art on display, I took the opportunity to ask artists questions about how they are selling their art, what business models they have explored, if they are selling mostly online or in person and who their primary audience is. This is a handful of the discoveries I made:

With some exception, most of these artists are selling their Continue reading

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This Wed. Night: Join the SMU Undergrad. Entrepreneurship Club!

The following is a message from the student Entrepreneurship Club Executive Board:

Welcome Back Students!
The Entrepreneurship Club will be having our first Kick Off meeting on Wednesday the 14th at 5:00 pm in the third floor Dallas Hall auditorium! We are excited to welcome you all back; we will be serving FREE CHICK-Fil-A and distributing our event calendar for the rest of the month! We will be joined by some of SMU’s most prestigious Entrepreneurial Faculty and Staff (good chance to shake some hands!).
At this first meeting we will give students an opportunity to start networking with peers and professors. We will also briefly discuss some of the many valuable resources available to students on campus. We have several amazing events and speakers lined up for the year, we hope to see you there!
Entrepreneurship Club Executive Board
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Meadows Students’ Endeavors

This is a list of seventy + currently-identified Meadows and/or Arts Entrepreneurship students who are offering services in the market. There are more, which I plan to add to this list over time. This list includes independent contractors and sole proprietors, LLC’s and nonprofits. Please take a moment to click-through a sampling of their websites and see how dynamic and entrepreneurial our creatives and artists are at Meadows School of the Arts.

Cezanne Quartet Bridge the Gap Website

Bridge the Gap Chamber Players

Superspective Studios

Bronson Twoskies 

Jonathan Valenzuela 

Blue Apollo, LLC 

Meredith Davis 

Carson Wright 

Duo Scordatura 

Christy Skertchly 

Eliana Yi 

Cargo Collective 

Alix Singer

Helen Rieger 

The Happy Alright

Sam Butz  Continue reading

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Why Study Arts Entrepreneurship at Meadows?

  1. Increase your odds of measurable success

In the Arts Entrepreneurship minor, students take a number of important requiredStudents in Arts Entrepreneurship SMU classes, one of which is AMAE 4390 or “Developing an Arts Venture Plan.” In this capstone class, students learn to ideate (come up with original entrepreneurial concepts), strategize (have a plan of action) and take action. Business plans, as students learn in this class, are antiquated documents the moment they are created. The paper document is not what is so important. Rather, the Continue reading

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Return to Meadows website here.

CLICK HERE to return to Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship program.


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Value: Inner and Outer

advertising sign

Artists must concern themselves with value, just as any other type of entrepreneur.
However, for the artist, they are not judging their creation by how much money they make alone (usually), but the impact their work has in their own lives (as an expression) and the lives of others (how it makes others think, feel, act). Artists must concern themselves with intrinsic value.

Intrinsic value is Continue reading

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