Arts Entrepreneur Burgess Hears Echo of Profit

The following interview is with SMU student, Andrew Burgess. Burgess, and collaborators, are creating a new web-based platform to change how (and how much) musicians get paid online. 

Hi, Andrew. As an Arts Entrepreneurship minor, where in Big Ideas Portraits, Andrew Burgessyour process are you?

A: I have completed four of the six classes required to complete the major and have loved all of them.

What year are you?

A: I’m currently a Junior, graduating in May of 2016.

What all are you studying?

A: I’m an Advertising major in the Creative track and an Arts Entrepreneurship minor. I’ve loved having the combination of creative thinking classes and entrepreneurial classes because it has taught me how to filter out the good ideas from the bad, and then make a plan for how to execute the good ones.

Can you please describe your startup Echo (working title of Tune Tornado)? 

A: The music industry’s model is broken because, with streaming websites and illegal downloads, artists can’t make enough money to keep making the music we love. The streaming model is great for listeners because it allows them to listen to music for free, but it’s awful for musicians because they are making little to no return on their songs. Echo solves this by financially incentivizing listeners to purchase and share music, rather than just stream it for free. In our model when you buy a song, and then get a friend to buy it, you make a percentage of the money that your friend spent on that song. The network marketing model continues at a decreasing rate of return for 6 levels of referrals (up to 10 referrals per person per level). Essentially, you can get paid to find and share music if you buy it instead of just listening for free. Our unique referral system, along with artist-specific subscriptions that provide exclusive content, should be enough to get people interested in purchasing music again. We believe that if listeners are able to make money for finding new music, while giving artists more royalties than any other service, we can revitalize a broken music industry. My partners (both SMU students) Santiago Martinez and Wade Washmon are hard at work in the Dallas community trying to bring in artists to be part of the initial team that launches the service. Hopefully, Echo’s model will prove that listeners and musicians can both be happy with payouts while making and enjoying the music that we all love. Continue reading

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Declare your Minor in Arts Management or Arts Entrepreneurship

Want to declare your minor in Arts Entrepreneurship or Arts ManagementStudents planning for lemonade contest

Now you can download the form and email it to Jim Hart directly. It’s that simple.

You can also Continue reading

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Bridge the Gap Chamber Players and Sarah Israel

Click to watch the video.

This post features Sarah Israel and Bridge the Gap Chamber Players. Bridge the Gap started at SMU in 2011. Among other studies, Sarah is an Arts Management minor in the department of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship at Meadows School of the Arts, SMU.

If you would like to contribute to Bridge the Gap Chamber Players, you can do so at:

Watch Sarah’s video by clicking the image to the right.

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Student Arts Entrepreneur: Sterling Gavinski & The Happy Alright

Imagine finding a balance between having a college education, family, friends, and a frequently touring band. Sterling Gavinski is the founder, vocalist and guitarist of Dallas pop punk trio The Happy Alright, a band that has been playing shows for almost four years. The band has performed across the U.S., everywhere from backyards to fundraising events, to the House of Blues. However, according to Gavinski, “When you’re constantly playing shows, life goes on all around you. This forces the band to be willing to re-invent musically, something we are open to since the band’s influences span from hardcore punk music to hip-hop and jazz.” This wide array of tastes sets the band Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneur Kellam Witherington is Making a Ripple

The following is an interview with SMU student Kellam Witherington, a Business major with a focus on Marketing at Cox School of Business and a minor of Arts Entrepreneurship at Meadows School of the Arts.

Interview by Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU:

Hart: Kellam, I have a series of questions for you and would like to hear more about the entrepreneurial concept you are developing. But first, knowing you have taken several Continue reading

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SMU Meadows’ Angie Reisch & The Catalyst Arts Movement

“Catalyst: a person or thing that precipitates change.”

The Catalyst Arts Movement is changing the way the diverse population of Dallas connects and thrives through the power of public art – one mural at a time. For Catalyst, the mission is simple: to inspire people to connect to art in order to ignite resilience and self-worth. Catalyst was founded by UCLA student, Cristina Girod ’17 and University of Texas at Austin student, Katherine Allen, ’18 in 2012 and quickly joined by SMU Meadows student, Angie Reisch ’18. While all three women have varied interests and are located across the country, they share a common goal of Continue reading

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Two-Time Champion: Arts Entrepreneurship Student Sam Lankford

AMAE 3387, Attracting Capital, has two contests as part of the original curriculum. Arts Entrepreneurship student Samuel Lankford won both.

Comments By SMU student Samuel Lankford:

1. Our strategy that enabled us to win The Marble Game was taking the time to sit down and think about the contacts that we had and who we knew would help us. We also realized early on that Continue reading

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