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Simpatico: Artists and Entrepreneurs

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? What does it mean to be an artist? To be an entrepreneur means you take risk for an idea you are passionate about in the hopes of making a living. What does … Continue reading

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10 Pieces of Advice for Heroic Arts Entrepreneurs

1. Have passion or don’t do it. You must believe in your own idea before any other person does. That is the first step. You must believe to effectively communicate your vision. Be passionate about it. Passion is contagious and … Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning

Many schools are currently developing new arts entrepreneurship programs. This article serves to encourage those schools to develop curricula founded in experience-based learning. Entrepreneurship is best learned through the process of experience, as entrepreneurship, of whichever kind (corporate, arts, social), … Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurship at your school?

June 6 and 7, Meadows School of the Arts at SMU will host the inaugural conference for the Arts Entrepreneurship Educators Society. UT Austin’s department of Fine Arts dean, Douglas Dempster, will serve as the keynote speaker and will deliver … Continue reading

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Tips Before Launching an Arts Venture

The following are some tips to consider before launching an arts venture. If you could create anything, regardless of financial cost, what would you create? It can be as large as you can dream. It can be a stadium opening, starring … Continue reading

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Artists: Natural Entrepreneurs?

“My second conclusion is that attributes of creative individuals and attributes of entrepreneurs are so similar that even attempting to define a set of predetermined characteristics is a futile exercise”. (1) This is such a great quote and I would further … Continue reading

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Update on the Marble Game

Some of you may remember that some students in Attracting Capital have been invested in trading up (beginning with a single marble) for objects of greater value. One young woman has traded up (through multiple trades) to a hunting trip, … Continue reading

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