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Majoring in Music Press

The site has a feature article titled, “Entrepreneurship Training for Music Majors”. In this article, a number of our artist entrepreneur students and their ventures are mentioned, as is our FACE class at Meadows and Jim Hart, Director of Arts … Continue reading

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FAQ for Gig List (Now “Meadows Artist Bridge”)

The following post outlines Frequently Asked Questions about the Meadows Artist Bridge Why is the Gig List now called “Meadows Artist Bridge?” What was previously known as the Gig List has been renamed and re-branded as “Meadows Artist Bridge”. This … Continue reading

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Forbes Names SMU One of the Most Entrepreneurial Universities

In this article put out by Forbes, Southern Methodist University is ranked as the 14th most entrepreneurial university in America, just three spots behind Yale. Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU is cited in the article. The report says, “An arts-entrepreneurship program … Continue reading

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Danielle Deraleau Photography

Since the time of this interview, Danielle Deraleau has become a finalist in the “Sprint Photography Competition” put on by Photographer’s Forum Magazine. They received over 10,000 entries from 69 different countries, and chose the top 16% as finalists. Danielle’s … Continue reading

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Tips on How to Start a Movement

At Meadows School of the Arts, we encourage our students to “Start a Movement.” This is not just an inspirational slogan, but also a meaningful challenge. This post explores How to Start a Movement. Students are taught how to start a … Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurial Happenings at SMU Meadows

Check out what some of our students in the department of Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship are running and developing, here at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts. Angie Reisch and The Catalyst Art Movement The Catalyst Arts Movement is changing the … Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneur Burgess Hears Echo of Profit

The music industry’s model is broken because, with streaming websites and illegal downloads, artists can’t make enough money to keep making the music we love. The streaming model is great for listeners because it allows them to listen to music for free, but it’s awful for musicians because… Continue reading

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