Search Engine Optimization

The following was originally posted as a comment on this blog, but is being reposted, considering the importance of the topic to many arts entrepreneurs and those seeking to improve their search rankings.

Many want to increase their search rankings and, ideally, find themselves on the first page of Google rankings. 

  • When blogging, try weaving tag words into your text body and create strong tags that also reflect your text.
  • Then repeat with all of your posts.
  • Focus on carving out a niche for yourself, based around a few tag words that are not already dominated.
  • Focus to capture those few and list the more common ones, simultaneously (tags), as you post.
  • Link to other relevant sites, as you are on the world-wide web and Google seems to like linking.
  • Finally, share, share, share. The more it is read, the more relevant it becomes and the more it climbs.

Trying to guess the Google algorithms is moving target at best and, for most, a mystery. This is necessary or people would take advantage of such rankings for personal gain.

If you have success with this method, please do share.

Thanks for reading our blog and please keep in touch.

Jim Hart is the Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts.

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13 Responses to Search Engine Optimization

  1. I believe that search engine optimization is simply a act of getting to list your site for a niche keyword, that way you get recommendation from an authority site like search engines (Google,Bing,Yahoo, Ask etc)
    They help you to be found via their search engines, just like your personal computers, you get to do a query of a file if you don’t know where to locate it, simply the same way search engines on your PC works the same they work online, only difference is that each search engine have got their own parameters of ranking your site with respect to importance to the keyword in query. So the big question of how do search engine figure out which site should be ranked first for a particular keyword, well they have algorithms (It is one of their parameters I mentioned) and they use that to rank alongside the individuals rating, they get this data via metrics and it’s what they use to rank you for a keyword in number 3 and next week your number 10 on the list, I am a seo consultant and I own a search engine optimization company and have got the SEO knowledge, this are my few observation over some couple of years , I hope it contributes to the knowledge base.

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  4. Stukadoors says:

    Hello Jim,

    I appreciate the effort you put in formulating this ‘checklist’ for producing quality SEO. Will certainly add this article to my blogroll. As for my kind of work as an ‘stukadoor‘ this really helps for ranking well on Google.

  5. Airco says:

    Hi Jim, off course getting to rank high for niche keywords is a good strategy tot get quality conversions in the beginning of an SEO-campaign. Meanwhile you can allready focus a little bit on the more popular one’s. Like for airconditioning in my case.

  6. Anonymous says:

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    • James Hart says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Please check back often for additional content and check out our current series on Business Plans.

      Jim Hart

  7. fine Boy says:

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  8. Wow, That is really amazing and helpful article for me about search engine optimization Thank you Author for sharing with us a valuable post.

  9. Jerry says:

    Nice Post..
    Content,Links,Keywords are the Three Important Aspects of SEO

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