Throughout the year, SMU student callers talk with alumni and parents on behalf of the University. It’s called the Tele-Pony Student Calling Program, and these students play a special role in the University’s goal of staying connected with alumni after graduation. Meet one of our callers, Briana Monsalve.

Briana is a first-year SMU student majoring in political science and international studies, and a member of the Mustang Band who plans to attend law school after graduation. Her role as a student caller is important in helping the University connect with SMU alumni, which she believes helps maintain a strong SMU community. She has the opportunity to talk to alumni from all classes and hear about their experiences and memories at SMU. Through Tele-Pony Briana has learned the value of listening to alumni and appreciates the advice they offer. One of her favorite conversations was with a former band member who shared information about interesting experiences and travels.

Briana is proud to call herself a Mustang because SMU not only offers an outstanding education but also promotes community involvement and understanding the world. She is also proud to be a donor. She chose to make a gift to the University as a student, because, “like in any community, we get what we put in, and the vitality of our community is due to the strength and faith everyone has in contributing to it.” 

“Tele-Pony allows alumni to talk with current students and hear first-hand how their generous gifts are benefiting them,” Briana said.

For more information about the Tele-Pony Student Calling Program, please visit

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