During Engineering & Humanity Week in April, Lyle School of Engineering students built and lived in shelters designed to house the poor or those displaced by war and natural disasters.

“People at a school like SMU have no concept of what it means to live on one dollar or two dollars a day,” Lyle School Dean Geoffrey Orsak said. “The Living Village will help provide a window into the lives of 3 billion people in the world.”

Engineering students and volunteers spent one weekend constructing nine different structures on campus. The entire village was “off the grid,” with no wired electricity, running water or modern technology.

During the week, 25 students stayed in the Living Village. The students lived, cooked and slept in the temporary shelters designed for refugees.

“I’m really excited about living here,” first-year student Samuel Beyer said. “I’m looking forward to showing people around the village and raising awareness for problems at emergency sites.”

The Hunter & Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity sponsored the program.

Read student blogs about the experience »

Source: SMU Daily Campus


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  1. Mary Spaeth says:

    Well done. I’d love to see SMU engineering students lead the world in off-the-grid housing for all! In ten years, utility companies as they are today, and the unnecessarily burgeoning “smart” grids, should become obsolete.

  2. Super je viens de partager votre post via mon profil.

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