Hi, I'm Sabrina from Takoma Park, Maryland

I want to study: Music Performance

My first day on campus: Explore the campus, meet and make friends with many new people, and try to meet some of my professors

Want to get involved in: At SMU, I want to get involved in the orchestra, the Talent Recruitment and Entertainment Agency Team, and the SMU Daily Campus

Inspired by: I am inspired by my music teacher, who works very hard and is incredibly talented, but does not easily make a decent living yet still loves every minute of what she does. This dedication to her art, no matter what the present circumstances may be, has shown me that no matter what happens, as long as you do something that you love, you will enjoy life

Career goals: I want to become an orchestral musician and also teach a small private studio in addition to an orchestra job

Most excites me about college: I am excited to start living on my own and am excited to begin pursuing my dreams and career interests. I am also excited to start meeting new people, and also be able to choose my classes from a wide range of courses on subjects that have always interested me.

SMU can help me: Get internships and network with people who have connections in my field of interest. SMU can also help me by providing interesting and engaging classes that will deepen my interests in my chosen field of study