Hi, I'm Robert from Deltona, FL

I want to study: Film and Media Arts

My first day on campus: I want to take in all of the campus and evaluate it as a possible college choice for me since I’m only a rising senior right now. If I were to actually attend SMU, I would plan to be on time to every class, start a conversation with five random people so that I can get used to that, and to begin signing up for activities.

Want to get involved in: Student Filmmaker Society, Ballroom Dancing Club (something I’ve always been intrigued by), Speech and Debate Team, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (really any fraternity), and College Republicans

Inspired by: Obviously my parents have inspired with their reminders to work hard and to never slack or get in debt. Really, I would say most visionaries like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Jim Henson, Mark Zuckerberg, and other creative types. They’ve made quite an impact on those around them and it gives me heroes to look to. But also, I’m most inspired by Christ putting himself on the cross so that everyone could have the opportunity to spend eternity with God in heaven.

Career goals: I want to do a double major: Film is locked in place, but either Marketing or Theater for the second. I want to become a film director and screenwriter. Of course, I want to dabble with television writing and playwriting as well, not to mention books too. One day, I hope to start my own film/television/music/video game production company or studio with revolutionary methods and technology.

In my golden years, I want to run for political office, perhaps go on mission trips, and of course visit every continent in the world – mainly every theme park in the world.

Most excites me about college: What most excites me about college is the scarcity of cliques: people are always randomly talking to people at college. In high school, if things go sour with a group of friends, you’ll have a hard time making new ones.

I like how it looks significantly easier to talk to girls since they’re pretty mellow in college and there’s a large amount of them. In college, I definitely plan on having a girlfriend before I graduate.

Overall, I would say the whole experience – the whole adventure – makes me nervous in a good way. I look forward to the ways the Lord plans on using me.

SMU can help me: SMU can help me to be prepared for the future and to help me get used to being away from my family. It will help me learn what the real world is like and show me the whole realm of filmmaking as a craft and an art.