Hi, I'm Aaliyah from Dallas, TX

I want to study: Marketing

My first day on campus: I plan get to know people, tour the campus to find my classes, and enjoy the exquisite landscape of SMU

Want to get involved in: I would like to get involved in SMU Abroad because it’s amazing to me that you guys give that opportunity to travel and meet new people from all over the world. I would also like to get involved in a community activity with SMU. I love to help others so I plan to take full advantage of every wonderful experience at SMU.

Inspired by: Teenage moms who still take the initiative to follow their dreams and go to college. A strong teen mom who is determined to beat the “statistics” and with all odds against her she overcame it all. I am inspired by them because I am teenage mom myself and my son is my motivation I feel as if I have a story to tell that is similar to those young ladies. I really idolize those strong women.

Career goals: I plan on majoring in business i’m somewhat indecisive or what I heard today on the tour “multi-interested” on what I would like to do. But I do know I will work hard on my four year journey at SMU to find my calling in life.

Most excites me about college: The independence I will experience from being away from my parents, accomplishing my goals on my own, networking with new people, meeting my professors, the opportunity to attend this magnificient college. I’m also excited about getting ivolved in activities that helps my community and showing off my academic skills.

SMU can help me: SMU can help me achieve great things in my life by the great opportunities they offer. The college is in the middle of my hometown Dallas Texas. By SMU being dallas university I have opportunity to internships and to get hands on experience with my major. I get to meet professionals in the business industry. SMU can help me by giving me a jump start with my career. SMU will give me the skills to apply to real life. They will build skills for me to use during an internship and make sure I am ready to conquer my journey. I look foward to becoming a mustang!!