Hi, I'm Williamson from Bossier City, Louisiana

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I want to study: Management Science

My first day on campus: My first day at Southern Methodist University was unforgettable. I was amazed by the beauty of the campus and the warmth of the students, faculty, and staff that call it home. Instantly, I knew that I was apart of something bigger than myself. I am a member of a learning, growing, and vibrant community.

Want to get involved in: I want to get involved in Student Foundation, Mustang Heroes, and the Office of Admission (Ambassador/Tour Guide). These organizations allow me to give back to SMU and the Dallas community at large. Being involved gives you the opportunity to meet knew people and try new things.

Inspired by: I am inspired by excellant professors. They have dedicated their lives to studying an academic discipline, pouring in to students, and creating positive change. My professors are more than just teachers; they are life-long friends and mentors.

Career goals: Currently, I am interested in the field of consulting. Long term, I would like to work in non-profit management. I have many interests and hope to pursue all during the course of my professional career.

Most excites me about college: The people at Southern Methodist University most excite me about college. My SMU experience would be vastly different without the life-long friendships I have made. Making friendships, relationships, and connections is a huge factor in one’s collegiate experience

SMU can help me: SMU can help me develop mentally, emotionally, academically, and professionally. My school provides a unique and holistic experience; all students grow in the areas they need to. I have changed/grown more here in a year’s time than I have my entire life. Ultimately, SMU has been an immeasurable and undeserved blessing in my life.