Hi, I'm Shanitah from San Diego, CA

I want to study: Pre-Law

My first day on campus: say hello to as many people as possible!

Want to get involved in: Student Senate and Sisters Supporting Sisters.

Inspired by: all of the successful alumni of SMU. I have a lot of goals and aspirations. Knowing that others have left SMU and accomplished thier dreams, is just one more reason I am certain I will do the same!

Career goals: I would like to be come a lawyer immediately after graduation and then shift into the political realm after I have a few years of litigation under my belt.

Most excites me about college: College is amazing because there truly are no limits, epecially not at SMU. I know that whatever i want to do, now is the time. I can see the world and make a difference in the world because of all of the GREAT opportunities the SMU carriuculum affords.

SMU can help me: decide who I want to be in the world, by helping me get to where I want to go in the world. SMU will educate me academically, but socially and culturally as well. At SMU all of the students get a balanced and diverse education that meets the needs of future employers but also satisfies a desire to gain knowledge in general. PONY UP!!