Hi, I'm Liz from Scottsdale, Arizona

I want to study: Accounting

My first day on campus: was filled with Southern hospitality and getting lost on my way to my first class!

Want to get involved in: Sorority, professional fraternity, Admissions office, College Republicans, Sailing team.

Inspired by: Condoleezza Rice and Margaret Thatcher because they never backed down from the adversity that they faced in life. They also proved countless of people wrong with their determination and earned the respect of influential people from around the world.

Career goals: Become a corporate officer of a global company so that I can travel and experience cultures that I never would have dreamed about. As well as being invited to become a member of Augusta National golf course.

Most excites me about college: Getting to meet people from all over the country and having the time of my life with people who will be in it for years to come! Exploring the amazing city of Dallas!

SMU can help me: become the person who I strive to be as well as provide me with both professional and social opportunities that I would not get anywhere else!