Hi, I'm Daniel from Chattanooga, TN, United States

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I want to study: Accounting

My first day on campus: find out where all my classes are and go to night at the clubs to figure out what I can get involved in.

Want to get involved in: intramural sports, Fysh (a first year catholic small group), join the business fraternity, Mustang Heroes, and greek like

Inspired by: John Allison, the former CEO of BBT, who used his business experience and ethics to lead a successful corporation in period of corruption

Career goals: get a job in the energy industry and eventually leave to start my own business.

Most excites me about college: boulevarding on game day and cheering on the Mustangs at the game. Also, getting to study abroad in Australia, where I got to meet friends from all over the world.

SMU can help me: giving me the opportunities and resources I need to excel in whatever I want to succeed in.