Hi, I'm Carissa from St. Louis, MO

Carissa Laughlin, Hunt Scholar, Portrait, Backdrop
I want to study: Accounting

My first day on campus: was when I visited SMU my sophomore year of high school during Spring Break with my mom. I remember the campus being so beautiful!

Want to get involved in: the Office of Admissions and Student Foundation. I love to know what is going on around campus!

Inspired by: my family and friends who encourage me to work hard every day.

Career goals: I want to get involved in the business world, especially in a growing city like Dallas. There is nothing like the networking system here at SMU, and I plan to take advantage of that on my search for internships and future jobs.

Most excites me about college: is Boulevarding. It is a tailgating experience unique to SMU and gets me excited for every football game!

SMU can help me: succeed at reaching my career goals while enjoying a four-year college experience like no other!