Elisabeth Brubaker

I still remember where I was and what I was doing 10 years ago. Sitting in my headmistresses office in Villanova, PA getting our new candy striping uniforms. A teacher came in and told the headmistress what had happened. As an 8th grader they only told us what happened, the upper school girls were allowed to listen to the radio. We gathered with our advisory groups to talk through what was going on. One classmate’s dad was supposed to be at a meeting in the towers that day- he chose to go to another meeting instead.

I am grateful I didn’t know anyone who was in the towers that day or on any of the planes but as I sit on my rooftop in New York City now I can sense the void in the air where two strong and beautiful towers once stood. I ache for the day every life lost and every person that fought to save those lives can all be honored together.

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